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"Cliff Hartle" wrote:

Well I don't think you can filter on just Google groups in Outlook Express,
only from and subject keywords, and I know I should be using a REAL
newsreader like thunderbird or some other off the wall indie newsreader. I
tried thunderbird but didn't like something about it.

If you have some way to do it OE please enlighten me, though I may look at
thunderbird again.

My litmus test for a newsreader is, can it do what you want it to do? If
not, it isn't a *real* newsreader, IMO. Thunderbird, by that criteria,
isn't any more of real newsreader than OE.

Since I use a Mac, I don't know what's available for PCs. I have yet to
see anyone suggest anything, but it's difficult for me to believe that
nothing exists for PCs that's on a par with what is offered for macs.