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Default Residential Grounding and Surge Suppression

Jim Redelfs wrote:

I have been following the Intermatic thread with some interest.
Admittedly, it got a bit "deep" when the engineers began debating.
Still, I gathered much good information, not the least of which was
that MOV (metal oxide varistor) surge suppressors "wear out" over
time - that their efficacy diminishes with each surge.

Is it time to replace my strip-type suppressor? The LEDs indicate
nominal operation and protection, for whatever that's worth. TIA.

No. If it's got an indicator that says it's okay, it's okay. Probably.

If it's got lights, it's not the cheap-ass, one-time-Charlie kind.

Presumably this surge protector is upstream of the UPS (which has even more
surge and spike protection).