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Default I plunged, I auged, now I'll reckon I'll rent a snake

Questions to expert:

1: HOW MUCH rock salt, water, etc to kill roots.

� �And how do you actually do it?

� �Won't the mix just run on over the root and keep going
� �downhill. � How to make it stay there surrounding root,
� �so it gets taken-up by it?

exposure appears enough. i mix a 25 pound bag of rock salt with hot
water in my basement wash tub, put a little down the basement toilet
too, one flush with the toilet, mix with some hot water in the
washtub, leave some salt. go out for day. so salt water remains in
line. the worse the clog the better it works.

might do it two days in a row, if things are bad.

honestly i just do it 4 times a year but always in spring right before
trees leaves open. maximum root growth occurs at this time

2: Muriatic Acid: same questions, basically:

� �How much, for how long, etc.

� �Dangers?

a quart in a couple doses, 15 minutes apart one dose may be all thats
needed. dont do mre often than necessary.

theres a chance it might damage china, or steel drain lines but i
havent seen it, thats why i recommend flush 15 times when done, so any
remaining acid is washed and diluted.

if the toilet is bad anyway what do you have to lose? and many use
drain cleaners with much the same risks without a thought...... so
dont fret too much.

3: As for long snakes (toilet-snakes!), don't they come with a bent hollow
� �tube through which you feed the snake down the hole, thus keeping
� �away any *visible* scratches?



yes they do but its only good for a toilet trap clog, and doesnt help
a sediment toilet