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Default Well Water Problem

John Gilmer wrote:
What about rust? My Dad mentioned it may be rust from the pipes and
replacing would solve this problem. Is there anywhere you can take the
water to be tested to find out exactly what the debris is?

The only cheap water testing is for bacterial contamination.

I'm sure there are labs around your area that will test for anything you
want. Don't be surprised if they want over $100 up front.

Since the OP has "stuff" in the filters, the first thing should be to get a
magnifier and LOOK at the stuff. Is it sand or "mud?" Is it plastic or
metal? Is it "sludge?" Indeed, is it rust?

If nature has pulled a fast one and the bad water is "natural" he will have
to call in folks to either drill a deeper well or treat the now bad water or

But the odds are good that if up to now he had good water the odds are that
something wore out.

If (as is quite likely) he is seeing ground up internal pump parts, he
really should bit the bullet and get the pump pulled up.

If you call the guys with the truck and experience on an emergency basis and
want the water back on ASAP, you will have to buy whatever pump they happen
to stock. That's OK for most and that was OK with us. But you might want
something different like a variable speed pump that tends to keep your
internal water pressure nearly constant rathern than the 30-50 psi swing
with a regular on/off pump pressure switch. My old pump was your typical 3
wire (plus ground) model with a "control box" above ground. The control
box contains a starting relay and capacitor. The replacement pump only
uses 2 wires and all the starting stuff was built into the pump. So far
so good. It does seem to make a little more "buzz" noise than the old
pump. It's amazing that the noise can come up 200' of well pipe and
another 50' to the house.

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I have water testing done by Aqua America
If they operate in your area call them and see about testing for what
you need. They'll mail you a sample collection bottle and instructions.
I take my samples in myself nd talk with the chemist (not lab tech)
and we both know what and why before any tests are run. I have
confidence in them (I'm a chemist.)

They have helped me identify some difficult problems in a medical
facility that I watch over.

I've never spent $100 there for a single set of tests.