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Default I plunged, I auged, now I'll reckon I'll rent a snake

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On Mar 21, 11:05�pm, "Cheri" gserviceatinreachdotcom wrote:
Oren wrote in message ...
On Thu, 20 Mar 2008 19:32:47 -0700 (PDT), jim

Not meaning to be ignorant but so far all these experts have told

all the wrong thing !

Cheri, hallerb and Oren can say the acid works.

Oren won't pull a toilet; until he uses the water test - 5 gallons
forced in rapidly. If it goes down, there's not a clog?

AHR has experts?!

�The muriatic acid solution that was posted here was one of the better
tips I've ever had, especially since I had spent $300.00 having my
lines snaked not long before that, and the toilet still wasn't
flushing right until I tried that tip.When I saved the instructions, I
accidently cut off the part that said who suggested it, because I'd
like to give him credit. You know who you are, but I don't
remember...many thanks to you. Also, this group has been very helpful
to me, and I appreciate it very much.


no thanks necessary but its me bob haller.

I stumbled on to it for a friend who was afraid she needed a new
toilet, its nice to help people.

I also promote rock salt micxed with water to kill tree roots in
sewers. its cheap and works amazingly well.

glad i could help, bob

Questions to expert:

1: HOW MUCH rock salt, water, etc to kill roots.

And how do you actually do it?

Won't the mix just run on over the root and keep going
downhill. How to make it stay there surrounding root,
so it gets taken-up by it?

2: Muriatic Acid: same questions, basically:

How much, for how long, etc.


3: As for long snakes (toilet-snakes!), don't they come with a bent hollow
tube through which you feed the snake down the hole, thus keeping
away any *visible* scratches?