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Default 18 or 16 gauge nailer

On Apr 18, 8:48*am, Arbee wrote:
I have some 3/4 inch poplar trim that I'm putting on 3/4 inch stock
backing this weekend. I have both 16 and 18 gauge nailers. Because of
the style of the trim, I will have to be nailing pretty close to the
edges, so I think the 18 gauge would be the better choice. We had to
have the trim custom made and the wife will kill me if I split it.
My question is, can I use the 18 gauge for this? First, would 3/4
poplar just create 18 gauge pretzels and second, since the brads are
only 1.25", would the 1/2" penetration into the backer be enough?
Any help would be appreciated.

Any box store has 1 1/2" brads. Buy some and get some polar boards and
do some testing. You will need to experiment some to get the air
pressure set right on the nailer. Only hands on experience will give
you the answers you need.