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Default Going back to candlelight

On Apr 18, 6:40*pm, dpb wrote:
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ransley wrote:
It's funny. CFL's were invented to save enery. I've had horrible results
with the floods. The longest lasting being 8 month. I've saved the defective
ones for a trip to the dump. However, the dump is over 20 miles each way.
With gas at 3.44 a gallon, what am I saving by using CFL's?
Buy them at HD, save the reciept there is their warranty, ...
... Im sure defects happen so keep them and return them.
If it weren't 65 miles to nearest I might consider it...
With a 9 yr warranty stated on the package it might be worth it

Nothing in the store is worth driving 65 mi for imo...

I know you can order online, so have it shipped, the green pack is
soft white, open an account with them then they will always have a
copy of the reciept.

So add paying shipping, too...that really helps save the environment to
get another UPS truck to drive out here for a 1-lb delivery, not to
mention it would add another $10/order. *Sounds like a deal to me


Like you care a s about a delivery trucks pollution, yea a 9 year
warranty isnt worth an online order on a good product what bs.