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Default plywood deflection rating

Not an expert on load tables but from what I can understand 3/4" at 4ft
between supports would only be good for about 30lbs ??

"Dan Espen" wrote in message
"Jeff D." writes:

I'm building a wall of storage shelving for my 45 record collection
20,000). The records are stored 200/box and each box is 16x8x9, weighing
15lbs. Will 3/4" plywood shelving 4 feet long support this load without
deflecting, each shelve will be loaded to 75lbs with supports on the ends

WOW. Only about 350 45s here.
I recently finished transcribing them to disk and burning them to CDs.

Same with the Vinyl LPs.

I haven't done it yet, but I think I'm going to just toss them now.

I'd have to guess about the shelving. I think plywood by itself
will always sag. You'd need some solid wood to get stability.