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Default Well Water Problem

Frank wrote:

Gre0145 wrote:
I just noticed that my washer was taking hours to fill. I cleaned the
filter on the back and it was clogged with mud looking stuff. I then
noticed that after flushing the toilet that the same particles where
in that water as well. Not real thick but you could see them sitting
on the toilet bottom. What is this? I've cleaned my filter on the
washing machine 3 times now just for one load. This appears to be
pretty serious. Anyone have any ideas what this may be and how to fix?
I live in NC and we have been plauged by severe drought for the past
year. It's gotten better over the last 3 months so could the water
table lowering or rising have any impact on this problem?

Could be pump failing but you also should install a whole house sediment
filter. By washer filter, if you are taking about the screen in hose
line, I used to have this problem too. Whole house filter will resolve it.

If you have a well, you should have a whole house filter with at least a
basic sediment filter cartridge in it. Most wells will pickup some sand
and crud at times that will clog faucet aerators and the like which the
whole hose filter with it's much larger surface area will handle much
better. The whole house cartridges are easier to change than chasing and
cleaning aerators and filters at individual fixtures too.

As for drought and water tables, yes shifts in the water table can cause
changes in the amount of crud a well picks up, as can nearby
construction activity.