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Default Retaining Wall

You will need a surveyor to layout exactly where your property ends and the
city's property starts or you could be ordered to tear it down. Some people
think the sidewalk delineates the edge of their property, it may and it may
not, you need to know. You will also need to know where underground wires,
pipes and other items that need to be located so that you don't damage them
when you dig and build.

"lanman" wrote in message
I have a property on a corner lot which has a perimeter on two
street-facing sides of more than 300 feet. The lawns on these two
sides slope down to sidewalks on a steep enough angle that it makes
lawn mowing and erosion a problem.

I would like to build a small retaining wall, and I am looking for
suggestions on how to keep the cost reasonable. One contractor gave me
a price of $40K for a 3 foot wall using natural field stone. I'm
hoping I can get something attractive for less. I don't particularly
like the look of manufactures blocks. I have seen some decorative
poured concrete which looks pretty good driving by at 25 mph.

Any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks....

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