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lanman wrote:

I have a property on a corner lot which has a perimeter on two
street-facing sides of more than 300 feet. The lawns on these two
sides slope down to sidewalks on a steep enough angle that it makes
lawn mowing and erosion a problem.

I would like to build a small retaining wall, and I am looking for
suggestions on how to keep the cost reasonable. One contractor gave me
a price of $40K for a 3 foot wall using natural field stone. I'm
hoping I can get something attractive for less. I don't particularly
like the look of manufactures blocks. I have seen some decorative
poured concrete which looks pretty good driving by at 25 mph.

Any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks....

Hardscape is the most expensive part of landscaping, and a retaining
wall that actually retains things can be a big chunk of change, largely
because it will have extensive footings. The aesthetics of the finished
design are up to you, but for cost, 40k doesn't sound a bit unreasonable.

I'd get some other estimates, but make sure they're all from licensed
landscape architects. Any fool with a pickup truck can stack bricks or
even pour a concrete wall.

The intellectual part is the engineering. The expensive part is the
below grade footings. Without those, the wall will come down when the
dirt comes down. A handful of highly detailed engineering blueprints
should be available for your review before the shovel hits the dirt. (In
my area, a building permit is also required.)

Of course I'm assuming you really are asking about a retaining wall. If
you just want a decorative border that you don't have to mow beyond,
that's a different story.