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Frank wrote:

Beware Allstate. My house was built in 1993 and met all building
codes at that time. Now I have wind damage and they will not cover
damage because the roof is not up to current code. We are simply
talking about the nailing strip on a single and its relationship with
the glue strip. I've had several roofers tell me that this is the way
roofs were put on at the time and the code has changed since. If this
is allowed then I'm not sure it pays to have insurance. I'm putting on
a new roof out of my pocket and leaving Allstate and will never return.

What, exactly, is the issue with nailing? Not on nailing line? Wrong
type of nail? Too few nails?
How severe was the wind on the day it was damaged? Other damage in the
neighborhood? If
the code changed, what is the change?

Other roofers might be blowing smoke at ya'. If the install was bad, it
should not have lasted 15
years. We had shingle problems with our condo which were evident almost
- bad choice of shingle to replace concrete tiles
(first mistake). Installed in January (second mistake). Insufficient
ventillation (third mistake). Bad
nailing (fourth, and most important mistake). We have steep mansards on
portions of our goofy
roof .... the city changed the requirements for tabbed shingles after
problems like ours appreared.
After two major reworks, and a few minor ones, tabs were glued down over
most of the roof and
withstood the near-hurricane winds in '04 or '05.

Through all the back-and-forth to get our roof in good shape, I studied
the warranty and installation
instructions for the shingles. There was a registration process for the
installation to cover the warranty
and the roofer had taken care of that. There was a scheduled,
diminishing value applied but that may
have more to do with insurance. Don't know. The warranty was, I
believe, good up to 70 mph wind.
More than 70 and I guess it is an insurance issue, not a warranty
issue. If the installation was faulty,
then it appears to be an installer problem, but after 15 years..........?