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Default tub spout with diverter - leaking behind the wall

On Apr 15, 9:02*pm, Bob wrote:
I had the same problem -- when using the shower, water would leak into
the wall. *Thespoutwas designed to go over the copper pipe stub and
seal with an O-ring and was held in place with a setscrew.
Unfortunately, the setscrew bent the pipe stub out of round making a
good seal impossible. *Adding insult to injury, the previous owner
smeared lots of caulk in an unsuccessful attempt to stop the leak. *The
ultimate solution was to scrape away the caulk and solder on a pipe
extension with a threaded fitting to a newspoutassembly. *Fortunately
I got the pipe length right the first time. *The leftover caulking was
enough to generate lots of smoke and trigger the fire alarm during
soldering. *But once it was complete and all the soot cleaned up, I
never had a leaking problem again.

Maybe that was my problem too - because i got another one (from a
plumbing supply store - but it still leaks a litte at the back (i.e.
out of the slip over o-ring joint) - but at least now its in the tub
(i hope all is in tub!!!). I like the idea of converting to screw on
- and if I have a problem again - I will try that. Any tips on
getting the pipe length just right?