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Default Question About TV Converter Boxes

gpsman wrote:
On Apr 15, 9:41 am, Windswept@Home (Jack) wrote:
I assume that if I want to
program & record a show, the converter box should be attached to the
VCR for recording, and if I want to watch a program thru the TV itself
rather than watching thru the VCR, the converter should be attached to
the TV.

I think most people will just run the antenna/cable through the
converter to the tuner/VCR to TV full time, but your way will also

- gpsman

Just remember one important fact, the converter box will only tune ONE
channel at a time so your ability to record one show while watching
another will NOT be possible unless you have TWO convert boxes. I
will also caution that unless substantial improvements have been made
in the antenna and converter boxes in the last year, your reception is
likely to be spotty. When you get a good signal, the picture is great
but getting a good signal isn't guaranteed. I used one of the
converter boxes with a 27in HD monitor and was anything but happy with
the results. Living in the middle of the DFW Metroplex and was only
able to pickup about 1/2 the local digital signals.