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Default $4 dollar gas and its effects on metalworking

On Apr 14, 12:55 pm, "Ed Huntress" wrote:
"Bill" wrote in message

. 97.142...

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On Apr 14, 1:51 am, Gunner Asch wrote:


What a delightful characterization of
your position.

I will leave you with a sample of the depth of "strategy"
of our commander (sic) in chief:
"We've gotta stop them over there BEFORE they
come over here".

You don't have to be a liberal to see how STUPID
THAT is.


No, but you have to be a liberal to be stupid enough to make such a

How in your view is stopping them before they come over here and blow up
more stuff and kill more civilians a lack of depth in strategy?? If
someone tells me that they are going to kill my family and blow up my
I'm not going to wait until it happens, I'm going to make sure one way or
another it CAN'T happen.

Because there's nothing stopping them *now* from coming over here and
blowing up more stuff. And there are fewer trained people here now to stop
them. Our defensive resources are busy, over there.

Bill, the whole idea that we're "stopping them" over there, so they won't
come over here, may be the stupidist strategy idea in the history of the US.
The people we're stopping "over there" aren't the same people who would come
over here, in the first place. Fighting them over there just increases their
incentive to strike over here. And we're wasting our resources fighting
thousands of them over there, when what we really need to do is to protect
against perhaps dozens of them attacking over here. See 9/11 for reference.

Ed Huntress

Exactly correct. Thank God there are people that
can still think and still have common sense and
do not listen to such strategic nonsense as the "president"
has spouted.

This does NOT mean that the Democrats have anything
better. Their party, too, was hijacked and partially destroyed by the

Somehow, Bush and the neo-cons made ANY QUESTIONING of their idiot
pretend war on terrorism un-patriotic. That worked for a while but
by now the vast majority of the American people have figured out that
the war on terrorism and the war on Iraq are two different things with
wildly disparate motives and objectives.

This does not bode well for Bush's "legacy" (GUFFAW).

Citizen Jimserac