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Default Kenmore Dishwasher, intermittent weak wash and rinse


Advice on fix versus replace? Again, the unit is about 15 yrs old.
We will be selling the house in another couple years.

Thanks for any advice,


I don't know if it applies to your situation, but might be worth a try.
Our dw leaked, so I
called the serviceman. He checked it out, only problem he felt was soap
residue causing
excessive suds which kept the water from draining. The solution was to
dump about a
quart of vinegar into the dw and run it through a cycle empty of dishes
or detergent. It worked.

I sometimes get cloudy residue on glasses, which is from too much
detergent. Wash them in full-
strength vinegar to remove the film. I really don't like dishwashers -
rather do them by