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On Apr 14, 9:53 am, gigster wrote:
On Apr 14, 7:17 am, Dottie wrote:

I am getting a new refrigerator today and will put the old one in the
garage. I would like to remove the old ice maker so I would have more
space in the freezer. Does anyone know how difficult this is?
(Frigidaire) And is it safe to just take it out? I mean, I assume
there won't be any wires left just dangling....but I don't know for
sure. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Ooops!! Forgot the paste:

Sorry about that!

The man who delivered the new one also moved the old refrigerator to
the garage for us. He removed the old ice maker which had stopped
working. He said I could just leave it the way it is - with a small
hole where the water came in. I can feel no cold air coming out
anywhere and it appears to be working fine. The freezer is still a
lot colder on it than on the new one. Guess it will catch up.