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Default $4 dollar gas and its effects on metalworking

On Apr 13, 8:46*pm, Eregon wrote:
clare at snyder dot ontario dot canada wrote :

And when CEOs make billions for loosing 10s of billions of dollars you
KNOW the economy is in a HUGE world of hope.

"HOPE"? I don't THINK so!

"HURT" is much more like it!

When CEOs start to settle for a reasonable level of pay companies can
afford to manufacture things here again, and workers can work for an
"honest" wage, and not see the extreme difference between what they
earn PRODUCING and what CEOs earn screwing things up.

CEOs are like Doctors in that they have to make all of their money in a
very short period.

CEOs are unlike Doctors in that they don't have irrationally-high Liability
Insurance payments that have to come out of their own pockets.

Still, a CEO is usually paid according to a Legal Contract between
him/herself and an employer. These contracts often have "Performance"
clauses based NOT on the profitability of the company but upon the revenues
and/or stock performance of the company.

The best-known high-dollar payouts have been the result of a CEO's firing
when the company had to buy-out the CEO's contract.

FWIW, most of the bitching I've seen about CEO payscales seems to come from
individuals who couldn't do a CEO's job and are simply jealous that THEY
couldn't collect that much money. evil grin


If they were based on performance we would not see time and again CEOs
raping a company and taking a golden parachute worth tens/hundreds of
millions on their way out.