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Default Kenmore Dishwasher, intermittent weak wash and rinse

I have a Kenmore Ultrawash III dishwasher.
Approx. 15 yrs old.
SN: FD3334919
Model No. 1564990 (I think it's 99. Those numbers are a little worn
on the plate.)
Part No. FD3334919 (From the Sears installation manual. May not be
useful info.)

Sometimes the dishes don't get very clean and there is clearly food
residue left on the dishes. Some "stubborn" food as though the wash
cycle wasn't very effective, and some loose food residue as though
the rinse cycle wasn't very effective. Other times the dishes appear
clean except for a white residue left on the dishes, as though just
the rinse cycle wasn't very effective. Sometimes the dishes come
put fine, but the described problems seem to be getting worse over

I've noticed that sometimes, starting at the beginning of the quick
rinse cycle, I can hear the unit humming but don't hear any water
swishing around. When I open the door and look in immediately, the
water isn't moving. When I close the door again the water starts
swishing. Perhaps the same thing is happening during wash cycle and
I just haven't noticed it.

Any idea what's going on, and what the fix might be?
Pump getting vapor locked?
Solenoid not switching properly?

Advice on fix versus replace? Again, the unit is about 15 yrs old.
We will be selling the house in another couple years.

Thanks for any advice,