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Default Ryobi string trimmer head not turning.

On Apr 13, 8:47 pm, wrote:
On Sun, 13 Apr 2008 15:24:42 -0700 (PDT), Mike in Arkansas

Seems you did everything I would have suggested, but is the spool worn
where it attaches to the shaft? Or is there something in between the
spool and the flex shaft. I cant think of what would be there, it's
been years since I tore one of them apart. But what else is there?
It's not all that complicated to transfer engine power to the head.
One other thought, could the flex shaft wound tight and is too short
now, where it's not fitting into one end or the other? Lastly, maybe
the flex shaft has a break you can not see. Put it into a variable
speed drill (the whole shaft and head of the trimmer, minus the
engine). Slowly run the drill and hold the head. Does it turn, or
slip? If all is well, it's got to be in the engine clutching. If it
slips, its somewhere in the shaft or head.

Thanks for the help. I didn't realize that flex shafts could shorten
by being wound tight over time. That would sure explain my problem.
I'm off to try your variable speed drill suggestion.