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Default hinges on solid core door?

On Sat, 12 Apr 2008 03:26:11 -0500, Elias D

I've got a heavy solid-core door with hinge problems. The original
screws have loosened up and stripped out. Several of these were
replaced by what appears to be 3 inch decking screws. Now it appears
that even these decking screws have loosened up and lost traction.

What's the best way to restore solid hinge attachment to the door
frame? These doors are very heavy......

Another thing I consider when doing a repair or especially a
re-repair, that you don't say, is how long did it last originally and
how long did the repair last. I have things that are 50, 80 years old
and a little bit that is older. If the last repair worked for 20 or
30 years, I'll often do the same thing again. Especially if it's easy
and I can do it again 20 years from now.

Of course that doesn't changing nothing, especially when the threads
that once existed in the wood are partly or totally gone. Even a
minimum repair requires bigger screws or or adding wood to the hole.
The previous guy did one or the other of these things.

BTW, if you are not removing the whole hinge, you should do one screw
at a time, so the door stays in place. If the door is sagging, maybe
don't make the final tightening of the screws until you have a helper
to take the weight off the hinges, so the screws center. If you don't
take the door off, It may be easier to redo the screws in the upper
hinge first.