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Default hinges on solid core door?

On Apr 12, 10:17 am, "Joseph Meehan"

I like Dan's response best. Since the original install failed, I
suspect strongly that the original hinges were not correct and or were
insufficient in number.

There are plenty of solid core doors with three 3.5" hinges that don't
have a problem. What usually happens is someone doesn't pick up on
the hinge screws being loose, then the screw threads scrape away the
supporting wood as the door is stresses/operated. Then the screws are
tightened, it strips the hole, and Mr. Fixit attempts to compensate by
overtightening the other screws.

You need large heavy duty hinges and likely you need more of them than
were originally used. The other part of the question is where are the
hinges. The door frame often is re-enforced at the hinge points and may not
have solid wood behind it at other points. I would also suggest not using
the same locations for the hinges as you will be working with repaired wood
at best. It has already been compromised so consider moving them.

As long as the door and frame are painted - otherwise it'll look
pretty bad when the door's open.