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Default hinges on solid core door?

I like to "over design" things. Like instead of using 3 hinges, use 4. And
instead of using the screws provided with the hinges, use longer screws.

And also find the largest hinges which can be used which will then have
larger screw holes and you can then use larger screws.

I suppose you could even place 2 hinges near the top to give additional

Another option would be to router out an opening in the door where a 3 1/2
inch screw (screwed into the hinge) would end in the door. Then use a
machine screw and place a washer/lock washer/nut in the routered out
opening. Maybe two of these screws for the top hinge, then wood screws for
all the rest. (Depends on design or door. This could weaken certain doors or
may not be possible on some doors.)

"Elias D" wrote in message
I've got a heavy solid-core door with hinge problems. The original
screws have loosened up and stripped out. Several of these were
replaced by what appears to be 3 inch decking screws. Now it appears
that even these decking screws have loosened up and lost traction.

What's the best way to restore solid hinge attachment to the door
frame? These doors are very heavy......