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Default Is there a control that will stop my Weil McClain from cycling at night to heat hot water?

"Joe" wrote in message
On Apr 11, 4:37 pm, "RBM" wrote:
"Joe" wrote in message


I've been reading about devices made by Tekmar and Beckett will either
of them do what I want? My boiler heats my hot water and these days I
hear it cycling all night just to keep the water hot enough in case I
decide I want to take a bath at 2am. Is there any way I can tell my
boiler to take 6 hours off at night while I'm sleeping?

Yes, probably. Assuming you have a domestic coil in your boiler, and not
indirect hot water maker, you could rig a time clock to interrupt the
aquastat circuit , which is maintaining tank temperature. I doubt there
would be a huge savings though. If it comes on a few times during the
and only runs for a minute or two, to keep the set temperature, it would
probably come on at the end of the timer cycle, in the morning, but have
run for a longer period of time to make up for the greater reduced
temperature in the tank.

I guess what I'm worried about is that last summer I calculated that I
used about a gallon a day of oil for hot water. That's going to
translate into over $100 a month with oil prices where they are. I'm
wondering if getting an independent hot water heater will be more cost

I'm in the same boat as you. For the last two years I've contemplated
installing a 30 gal electric water heater for the summer. I just don't know
that there would be a real savings, especially now I hear electricity prices
are going to go up due to some new taxation, environmental bill in congress.
As Mikepier said, I do turn down the aquastat temp during the summer