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Default hinges on solid core door?

On 4/12/2008 1:26 AM Elias D spake thus:

I've got a heavy solid-core door with hinge problems. The original
screws have loosened up and stripped out. Several of these were
replaced by what appears to be 3 inch decking screws. Now it appears
that even these decking screws have loosened up and lost traction.

What's the best way to restore solid hinge attachment to the door
frame? These doors are very heavy......

Depending on how chewed up the screw holes are, you can try the old
trick: get a bunch of small slivers of wood and some glue. Cover the
slivers in glue and drive them into the holes, let dry, then re-drill
pilot holes. Sometimes this will save the door. (Toothpicks will work in
some cases, and are especially good if they're the hardwood variety.)

Whatever you do, don't be tempted to use decking or drywall screws here.
Wrong hardware! They're hardened, which makes them much more brittle
(hence more likely to break) than the correct wood screws.

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