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Default new dehumidifier for basement?

On Apr 11, 12:34*pm, "readandpostrosie"
we have always been pleased with kenmore dehumidifiers!
you might also benefit from have a small fan, moving the air around down


"N8N" wrote in message


Hi all,

got a fairly old (1940's) house with a basement that tends to get
humid in the summertime - no visible water intrusion, it just gets
damp. *I assume because it stays nice and cool down there and the hot
air from outside has a lot of water in it that just can't stay when
the air cools off. *I have an old dehumidifier that came with the
house, but I don't think it's doing a whole lot - it runs a lot, but
the container never seems to get full. *I suspect that this is wasting
a lot of electricity, plus it's loud. *(the door is missing to the
laundry room, so if I'm trying to sit in the other room and watch TV I
have to turn the volume up when it kicks on.) *I suspect I should just
buy a new one, any particular recommendations on brands? *Quiet would
be my first concern, efficiency second. *I may not need it at all once
it gets warm as we have central A/C installed (which we didn't last
year) but there are still a couple months where it is warm/humid that
I probably won't use the A/C.


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Yes our smallish Kenmore, in a 35 by 46 foot, approx 40 year old,
mainly unfinished basement is tending to freeze up and clog the coils
with ice; even at a minimum setting especially during each winter.
Temp. of our mainly below ground basement tends to be around 50 deg.
So tend to agree the low temp, in our only occasionally heated, plus
some heat loss from main floor above, is likely cause of frozen-up
As an experiment have put a standard desk fan to blow at the coils,
which seems to help a bit. At least dissipating more quickly, the ice
that forms, whenever the dehumidifier compressor cycles off!
Also thinking of rearranging so that the the built in dehumidifier fan
runs all the time unit is plugged in; regardless of whether compressor
is running, to more readily dissipate ice formation; won't be the
whole answer but may help?
The compressor cuts out of course when the water reservoir fills up.
May rig an alarm to this to warn need to empty. Another alternative is
to run the drainage into a basement floor drain all the time.
Any thouhts. Also have another older but very similar model (obtained
free at a flea market!) which doesn't seem to work as well.