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Default new dehumidifier for basement?

On Apr 10, 3:46*pm, N8N wrote:
Hi all,

got a fairly old (1940's) house with a basement that tends to get
humid in the summertime - no visible water intrusion, it just gets
damp. *I assume because it stays nice and cool down there and the hot
air from outside has a lot of water in it that just can't stay when
the air cools off. *I have an old dehumidifier that came with the
house, but I don't think it's doing a whole lot - it runs a lot, but
the container never seems to get full. *I suspect that this is wasting
a lot of electricity, plus it's loud. *(the door is missing to the
laundry room, so if I'm trying to sit in the other room and watch TV I
have to turn the volume up when it kicks on.) *I suspect I should just
buy a new one, any particular recommendations on brands? *Quiet would
be my first concern, efficiency second. *I may not need it at all once
it gets warm as we have central A/C installed (which we didn't last
year) but there are still a couple months where it is warm/humid that
I probably won't use the A/C.