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Default I don't want a pool

Jeff wrote:
Geeze, You'd think a pool was the equivalent to a stockpile of radioactive
waste. You wouldn't be the first person to buy a house and remove an
existing pool.


I'd see little point in the market today to spend the money required --
I was assuming it would be an inground pool or the question wouldn't
even have been raised.

It would be at least a moderate expense to remove and re-landscape,
etc., so unless there's a really big financial incentive, seems like
there would be better choices available is my thought.

Plus, if it is in a neighborhood where pools are a common amenity, would
likely be a detracting value item if were to want/need to relocate in
the future.

So, overall, still my inclination would be to look elsewhere or at least
get a pretty solid estimate on the cost and the potential change in
final value before going on.