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Default Wow those drinks go so fast!

On Apr 9, 11:04 pm, "MiamiCuse" wrote:
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On Apr 8, 1:00 am, "MiamiCuse" wrote:
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On Apr 7, 2:16 pm, wrote:

No I am not living at the house. No way will I live on a construction

I will move in when it's habitable.

Didn't know you'd moved out - when did that happen? The rest of the
advice still goes, and additional emphasis on the extra material

I never moved in. I bought the house and have been working on it on and
off, and will move in when it gets done one day.

Hmmm, I wonder where I got the idea you were in the house? Maybe it
was the way you were talking a month or so ago about the light at the
end of the tunnel looking pretty dim. What projects do you have
coming up?