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Default 5 gang mud ring for 1/2" depth

On Wed, 9 Apr 2008 14:29:51 -0700, wrote
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Is there an online source for mud rings? I need a 5 gang mud ring for
the standard 5 gang metal box (not the stacked gangable kind) but went
to three electrical supply houses locally and all they had were 3/4"
depth and they can't even special order it, says it does not EXIST!

I know they exist.

I searched the web and came up empty.



Garvin Industries makes them. Their catalog number is GBDC-125. You can buy
them at

Here is the link to the catalog page.

http://www.electrical- odID_E_2426

Only problem is they have a $25 minimum and the raised cover is $8.55, but
perhaps there's some other stuff you need...