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Default Clean My Elec Stove?

On Tue, 08 Apr 2008 13:51:26 GMT, gecko wrote:

I have a GE glass-top electric stove with a microwave and exhaust fan
above it. It is getting as dirty as blazes all around the controls
and dials, I imagine from cooking spatters and my grimy hands. Anyway,
what would you people recommend to clean up this stuff? I have tried
a few detergents and even alcohol, but nothing seems to work very
well, if at all.


i USED Fantastic for grease stuff -- it was fantastic -- until they
changed something a few years ago and it made me sneeze. It might not
make you sneeze. I switched to 409, which came out about the same
time and I figured was the same stuff. It works well.

I wouldn't use anything but a rag or paper towels. Bounty brand is
more expensive but much tougher and worth it if you aren't just going
to dab and throw it away, so here is a good place to use them.

I bought Dawn dishwashing detergent when it came out, and maybe it did
cut grease in the sink but it made every one of my cuts sting, and I
usually have several less than a day or 2 old. No soap had ever done
that before, so I don't use it unless there is a lot of grease
involved, although I didn't have much grease the times I did use it
and don't really know that it's better. But since that is their main
advertising point, surely it is better than most other products. I
don't know if they have a separate surface cleaner or if it works well
or if it stings too, but you wouldn't be putting your hands all the
way in it, like a sink.

By being careful, and not cleaning that often I haven't scratched
any of my appliances in 25 years, except that much of the white
writing has come off the dishwasher top panel. I would take the rest
off**, and it would look great, but I'm afraid I'll forget which
position of the switch turns off the drying stage heater. Nothing
looks crummier than a nice looking appliancne with a painted surface
somewher full of scratches.

**I would rub it off with my finger tip. No chance of scratching.