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Default Circuit Breaker Indication In A House Service Box Question

"Speedy Jim" wrote in message
Robert11 wrote:

Is it possible that when a circuit breaker in a service box opens due to
a short in the circuit that it is controlling, that the lever does not
(also) move to the other position ?

e.g., that there might not be any visible indication that it has tripped

If so, is this fairly common with circuit breakers in a house service box
Likely ?

Why ?


It all depends upon the mfr and the age of the device.
Some ancient ones were designed in a way that the handle
doesn't move to a "Tripped" position.

Some move all the way to Off; some to a center position.

Some must be moved to the full Off position before
they can be reset to On.


I recall once having breakers which moved the handlle slightly past the ON
position when tripped. You had to push the handle pretty hard to the OFF
side to reset it, then throw the handle back to ON. Gave me some trouble
until I figured it out.

Don Young