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Default Wow those drinks go so fast!


I have hired a team of electrician (3 of them) to do some re-wiring of

Something that bothers me.

I hooked up a fridge and told them to help themselves, I asked them
what they like and everyone seems to like Arizona ice tea or
Gatorade. So I stock the fridge full with those drinks.

Problem, at the end of the day I go around and between the three of
them it is not unusual that I found 15 or more drink bottles. They
drink a lot? Noooooo... most of those are 80% full. So they worked
in the kitchen, went and got a drink, took three sips, leave it

Grin, happens. I'll go against the grain of the others and say this isnt
really a problem although it's not all that much fun if you have to cleanup
after them and they leave cans in the attic.

Had some plummers here, working til 10pm on a split pipe. It was cold
(possibly no more than 20F). I was running the tea pot with lots of hot
tea, powdered fancy coffee, and even made up a batch of hot spiced cider
(non-alchohol type). I fed'em home made dinner, showed them the phone if
they needed to make a call, and said anything in the fridge was fair game.
Then we made any runs they needed for supplies.

Great guys, great job, lots of cups let go cold as they concentrated on the
*work* and would forget they left a cup of now lukewarm tea or whatever
someplace grin.