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Default Clean My Elec Stove?

gecko wrote:

I have a GE glass-top electric stove with a microwave and exhaust fan
above it. It is getting as dirty as blazes all around the controls
and dials, I imagine from cooking spatters and my grimy hands. Anyway,
what would you people recommend to clean up this stuff? I have tried
a few detergents and even alcohol, but nothing seems to work very
well, if at all.


What are the parts you want to clean? Stainless? Plastic, white or
black? the glass top itself? If you can pull off the knobs,
put them in the sink with dish detergent and nylon scrubber. Formula
409 is fairly good for greasy dirt.
Fantastic is better, but tough on the markings on plastic knobs and
dials. Be sure not to get water down into
the guts while cleaning if you take off knobs - our cooktop got some
burnt wires from doing that.

I use a razor blade scraper on the glass cooktop, new blade, very
carefully. Finish up with Barkeeper's Friend.
For greasy dirt, denatured alcohol works very well. I would not use it
on paint or plastic. If there
is just dried on crud, not greasy, lay a moistened cloth on it to soften