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Default Stench in my basement

Joe wrote:
On Jan 12, 9:43 am, (Dick Adams) wrote:

My freezer failed last month and almost all of
the meat and all of the fish had to be tossed.
The repairman said the controller needed to be
replaced. He is coming back next week to do
that, He also said they would have reimbursed
me for the spoiled food, if I had purchased the
protection plan! Maybe I shoulc have done that.

My problem is the stench is still in my basement,
I keep the door open to make it bearable. This
afternoon I am going to lay it on its side and
clean the underside. Any ideas for making this
place smell livable?


Have you tried Febreze? Might be less rough on plastic components. Not
sure whether a restoration outfit like Servcemaster could help, but
might be worth a phone call. HTH


Look carefully at what Febreeze is. I'm concerned that it is dangerous
to use.