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Default April Aire Humidifier Installation Question

On Apr 5, 4:51*pm, komobu wrote:

I had an April Aire 650 Whole House humidifier installed in my house.
It is a bypass model. They ran a thermocouple outside and I am not
quite grasping why. I am not questioning the install, I am just trying
to understand the concept. I can see where the unit would like to know
the temperature of the air so it can figure out the relative humidity,
but to take that reading outside doesn't seem logical since it is
using the return air in the house. It would seem to make more sense to
me to place the thermocouple in the return air duct. Am I missing
something? Please explain if you have the time.


You set the unit till you see condensation somewhere, usualy on glass,
then back it off till there is no condensation and leave that setting,
it tracks the right amount of moisture you can have based on outside
temp so no damage occurs to your home from over humidifying, which
leads to mold and rot. You have a great humidifier.