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Default Aligning Riding LawnMower Blades

dpb wrote:
S. Barker wrote:
Only one problem with this whole line of technique. The bottom edge
of the deck shell itself has NOTHING to do with it. ...

If the deck is way out of whack, that indicates the whole carriage isn't
level -- the rim is folded evenly so that makes an easy place to
measure--if you're anal, measure from the top of the deck.


Not so at all. Many manufacturers make the bottom of the deck different
height above the ground at the sides than at the front for quality of
cut issues, while the back is usually lower to prevent dangerous
"discharges". Also, the top of the deck is always higher on the
discharge side than on the opposite side. On some manufacturers, the
left discharge requires more clearance for the clippings, while most
manufacturers require more clearance on their right side discharge. A
very few manufacturers offer a rear discharge, which MIGHT be
equidistant across the sides to the ground.

The only way to adjust a mower for level properly is to consult the
owner's manual or manufacturer's service manual for the correct place to
measure and to adjust. Most will say measure the tips of the blades in
multiple positions.