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Default Main Panel and Sub Panel questions and the NEC

"Guy Noir" wrote in message
On Mar 31, 2:02 pm, Guy Noir wrote:
On Mar 31, 1:34 pm, Wayne Whitney wrote:

On 2008-03-31, Guy Noir wrote:

Sure, the fuse disconnect from the meter was replaced by circuit
breakers, but the sub panels themselves have no main, lugs only. So
the circuit goes from the main panel breaker to the sub lug only.
Just curious if the replacements subs need mains or main lugs are
fine as a replacement....

Main lugs are fine at the subpanel as long as the feeder is protected
at its source by a circuit breaker sized to its wire size. Perhaps
you could provide a small diagram of the service conductors, the
meter, the disconnect, the breakers, and the feeders?

Cheers, Wayne

Sure enough Wayne.

-----Line from pole-----meter------Main Panel Lugs only------55 Amp
Breaker in Main Panel---------Sub Panel 1 Lugs only



--------55 Amp Breaker in Main Panel---------Sub Panel 2 Lugs only

Another question, I guess, is what is the max sub panel feed I can
have and not need a Main Breaker installed in the main panel. Or, is
there a cummulative load that would require the addition of a Main
Breaker; like if I add a 3rd panel on a 3rd 55amp breaker.


Further reading indicates that if the Main Panel exceeeds 6 circuits/
Breakers, a main disconnect will be needed. Does a 220 (2 spaces)
count as 1 circuit/breaker?

One handle, regardless if single or double, is one disconnect