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Default Decora wall cover plate, black midway/oversized 4 gang?

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Granite backsplahes holes for switchbox were cut a bit wide in some
spots; I can't seem to locate 4 gang decora style in either midway or
oversize in black. I could paint a grey midway to black but I don't
think the sheen would match very well. Any sources?

I would think, whoever makes the gray plate would also make a black one.
does not appear that Leviton makes one in midway or oversized, except in
screwless design. Model # SJ264-SE

I've never seen the screwless design; do they fit a regular carlon blue
plastic box, or is a special box or adapter required?

The link you posted is a 4 gang toggle plate, You are correct about what
decora is, and that aint it. The screwless plates have two pieces. The
base piece screws to the tapped holes on the switches, then to top,
screwless piece snaps on top. I'm not a real fan of them because they're
about 1/4" thick, but unless you're looking at them from the side, you
don't tend to notice, and they do have midway, and black. I just picked up
a screwless 5 gang standard plate, and it cost $40, so be prepared

Yeah I have been getting sticker shock over the prices of some multiple gang
midsize plates. I questioned a counterman over a price recently and he
called the manufacturer to confirm that it was correct. The funny thing is
that I saw the same plate, though a different manufacturer, for a more
reasonable price at Home Depot a few days later.

Lowes sells black Decora style switches and receptacles. I'm assuming they
will have wall plates to match. Maybe the OP can contact that manufacturer
to find out if the four gang midsize is available. Cooper makes a 4 gang
black plastic midsize Decora style wall plate, part #PJ264BK. Check out

Great, that wall plate from cooper looks just just the ticket. Only
thing is that they don't sell to 'people' and it's not clear that my
local hardware store can order just one. I've not been able to find this
available via an online vendor yet but maybe will be able to...if anyone
knows of such let me know.