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Default Small kitchen, would you get 18" dishwasher or 24" stove?

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Mikepier says...

I'm helping to renovate a kitchen in my brother-in-laws studio
apartment, and there was no dishwasher in the old kitchen, but we'd
like to put one in now. Problem is the kitchen is short on space and
we only have 2 alternatives, get an 18" dishwasher and 30" stove, or
get a 24" dishwasher and a 24" stove.
I've seen the 18" dishwasher and it does not look like you can put
much in there. The 24" stove seems like something the tenant can live
with. Any opinions appreciated.

I have an 18" dishwasher and a 30" stove. There are two people in the

I find that with intelligent loading, a surprising amount does go in. Once in
awhile I'll have a pot that won't fit in from a big meal, and I'll wash it
separately, or put it aside for the next loading.