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Default TOTO toilet. G-Max or Gravity

On Mar 30, 5:14*pm, SMS wrote:
Harry K wrote:
On Mar 29, 8:54 am, Brent Bolin wrote:
Getting ready to remodel the bathroom. *Have heard a lot of good
things about TOTO from this group.


What is the difference between G-Max and Gravity?

I have the Drake (I think), can't remember for sure and I don't see it
on there anyplace.

It has the gravity flush. *It is _very_ effective but is a bit noisier
than the one I replaced. *I don't see any way around a noisy flush.
You can either have quiet and whimpy or a bit noise and effective. Go
for the raised hieght one if it is available. *I replaced mine because
it was so low and both of use are now up there in years. *Amazing
difference getting up off a reasonable height one.

The Drake comes in ADA height, it's a bit more money.

Look at the Chinese building supply stores as they sell the Toto toilets
for much less than the high-end plumbing fixture stores.

Another recommendation - use a 'waxless' toilet seal. *Makes things
much easier and way less messy.

Hmm, do these seal as well as a wax seal?- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

In my limited experience and others who I have talked to, yes.

Harry K