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Default Grout or Caulk between new tile and bath tub

On Mar 30, 2:45�am, "pkmicro" wrote:
I have just finished laying 20x20 Porcelain tiles on my bath room up-stair.
Should I use grout or caulk between the Bath Tub and the new
Porcelain tiles? �TIA

Caulk. There will be some unavoidable movement between the two, due
to temp differences, tub weight changing with water, etc. Caulk
flexes, grout cracks.

That answer seems very logical, but having observed many bathrooms, it
seems that the usual practice is to use grout and it works fine. I
used grout along the steel tub when tiling my bathroom and it has
never cracked or separated. And it avoids the problems with caulk:
one, a good smooth caulk bead is hard to get for a DIYer, and two, it
seems no matter what kind you get it supports mold eventually. -- H