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Default Grout or Caulk between new tile and bath tub

"pkmicro" wrote in message
I have just finished laying 20x20 Porcelain tiles on my bath room up-stair.
Should I use grout or caulk between the Bath Tub and the new
Porcelain tiles? TIA

Something flexible and mold resistant.
I use GE Silicone bathtub caulk. Make sure the cartridge is fresh - shelf
life is short, and the use-by date is on the base of the cartridge.
Also, if you haven't practiced applying silicone grout to a seam, do some
practice on a 90-degree inside corner of scrap.
You actually need only a fairly thin bead, but it should be finished flat,
using slant-cut nozzle, so it doesn't bulge out and look ropy.