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Default Decora wall cover plate, black midway/oversized 4 gang?

In article ,
In article ,

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. net...
Granite backsplahes holes for switchbox were cut a bit wide in some
spots; I can't seem to locate 4 gang decora style in either midway or
oversize in black. I could paint a grey midway to black but I don't
think the sheen would match very well. Any sources?

I would think, whoever makes the gray plate would also make a black one. It
does not appear that Leviton makes one in midway or oversized, except in the
screwless design. Model # SJ264-SE

It is confusiong, now that you mention it. I found 'leviton' 4 gang grey
etc at, but that's not the actual leviton website.

On the leviton website, they do list decora 4 gang midway grey; and
other colors (not black), but the images all show holes for regular
toggle switches, not the larger rectangular opening that I thought
decora meant. I wonder if decora does not mean what I thought, or if
leviton just has the wrong images?

The unit I mentioned is PJ264-GY at

Other websites seem to show this unit as 'decora' ie larger rectangular
opening as if for gfci etc.