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Default Lawn tractor transmissions

MOST hydrostatic tractors both big and small allow for a set amount of
hydro. You don't have to 'hold' them. You obviously had some heapy cheapy
sears fokker or something.


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The hydrostatice tractors are a nuisance as you have to keep your foot
on the "gas". The manual ones allow you to select 1-6 and go. As
far as durability goes I dont know. I like to daydream/think while
mowing and found that I got slower and slower on the automatic tractor
as my foot let up. I would suggest the manual and save $200 . What
didnt you like about your old mower?

On Mar 29, 6:01 pm, Jim wrote:
Looking to purchase a consumer grade lawn tractor. My 18 year old Sears
(Murry) riding mower has manually selected gears. Many of the new
machines boast hydrostatic transmissions. Are these really any better?
Are they as durable as regular gears?