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dewey wrote:

Good day, Can fan limit controls, like the Honeywell L4064B2236, be
used as "firestats" to control attic fans? The product descrip says
"on at 125 F, off at 100F, and high cutoff at 200F".
The prod is designed to be mounted on forced-air heating plenums, with
an 8" sensor wand protruding into the plenum. To be possibly used as
an attic fan cutoff in case of un-natural heat rise in the attic space
due to a fire, the unit would obviously have to be mounted with the
sensor wand sticking out into the ambient air in the attic. Would the
unit operate effectively in this manner? Questions about this type of
device to my local Home Depot evoke blank looks and fruitless global
inventory searches. They've never even heard of a "firestat" for auto
cutoff of forced-air systems of any kind, and nothing listed uniquely
as "firestat" comes up for me on any internet search engines - just
fan limit controls. Thanks!

I don't think that would meet code. At least the attic fan I bought
specified that an interlock switch must be used and, as I recall, the
code says you must follow manufacturer instructions.

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