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Default Right-angle drills

"Lowell Holmes" wrote:

"Lobby Dosser" wrote in message
Wayne Whitney wrote:

For a drilling into concrete, a regular
drill is useless, a hammer drill will progress slowly, and a rotary
hammer will progress well.

A regular drill with a concrete bit will do fine, if you are only
drilling a few holes. I've done it.

I agree if it is small diameter holes. If you are going to drill 1" or
larger holes, it gets tough, especially if you have to go deep. I
have a PC 1/2" right angle drill (electricians use them) that will
certainly handle the job. but the bits might be a weak part of the
equation. The web site I posted earlier talks about both concrete and
wood drilling. The concrete part preceded the right angle wood

As one poster mentioned, it sounds like a good time to rent a tool.

Or a good excuse to buy one.

As I was only planning to drill two holes for cane bolts and a couple
more for fasteners, I thought buying a new drill might seem like wretched