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Default TOTO toilet. G-Max or Gravity

On Mar 29, 6:20*pm, " wrote:
On Mar 29, 6:16�pm, Brent Bolin wrote:

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Brent Bolin wrote:
Getting ready to remodel the bathroom. �Have heard a lot of good
things about TOTO from this group.


What is the difference between G-Max and Gravity?

I have three Drake toilets that have been pretty good.

However in the remodeling of a rental, I put in Niagara flapperless toilets.

I don't care about conserving water. �Water is cheap. �Far more
interested in a toilet that never gets clogged.

So my question still is. �What is the difference between G-Max and

power flush doesnt clog But wakes entire home when anyone flushes

Thanks for your reply. I just found this on their website -

G-Max - Commercial and Residential installations
This outstanding flush system was designed for high use applications,
such as hotels and motels. Featuring high head pressure, this high
performance flushing system utilizes a 3" flush valve, and 2-1/8"
glazed computer designed trapway, and siphon jet action. Providing a
quiet and extra powerful flush toilets featuring the G-Max system are
considered as equal to pressure assist systems, without the noise,
high cost, and frequent repairs common in pressure assist toilets. We
have both one and two piece toilets featuring this system.

It says it's quite. But is it noticeable loader then a plain old
gravity unit?