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Default How can I repair a hole in shower wall ?

On Fri, 28 Mar 2008 09:57:30 -0400, Paul J. Dudley wrote:


We are working on an old mobile home. There is a large
hole in one of the walls ( the wall opposite the faucet ).
The wall appears to be a sheet of sorts, reminds me of
formica laminate.

A very long time ago I did a repair in a fiberglass shower
floor. I used fiberglass resin to repair it and it worked well.
It seemed to me that the fiberglass resin would stick to
anything. So my idea now is to try using it to repair this hole.

Question: Does this sound like it will work (would the resin stick
to the wall material and be water proof ), or is there some
other patch method I should refer to ?



Well ... after careful consideration and advice from replies, we've
decided to go ahead and replace the whole sheet of panel.

Thank you DerbyDad03 and Lawrence for your valuable input.

= Paul =