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Default removing spilled paint from drive

"Tim" wrote in message
Had a spill of green paint onto my regular cement drive...not stained or
coated in any way...just slab cement. What's the best way...if
remove the remaining paint "clouds" ? was able to wash off most of the
paint before it began to set...but have a cloudy residue left with
various shades of green in about 10 sq ft area..spill is two days old now.

Would a 3000 psi power washer take this off...can get/rent one from
HD...bit don't want to waste the money if all I get is wet concrete ?

Sure but the washed area will appeared lighter than the rest.

any type of "cement acid wash" that can be applied first "

The acid will eat up the surface so it will look lighter than the untreated
area, just like pressure wash.

Any ideas are appreciated...

Thanks, Tim